Suits: 5 Key Lessons for Lawyers

Suits: 5 Key Lessons for Lawyers

We're increasingly becoming series fans, with many people now watching more series in the comfort of their living rooms than movies in theaters.

The intriguing narratives captivate us while we adopt much of what we see. However, we seldom stop to analyze all the lessons they teach us.

Here are the 5 great professional lessons left to us by the characters of Suits, the must-watch serie for lawyers (yes, and non-lawyers too).

1. A defeat should not define you, manage it and grow 📉📈

Harvey and Mike lose the case against Ava Hessington when a key witness changes their testimony. But instead of letting the defeat define them, they use the experience to strengthen their professional resolve.

Failure is sometimes inevitable, but managing it and the ability to learn from it is what contributes to growth and long-term success.

2. The Importance of Mentorship 🌱

Mike receives an offer to leave Pearson Hardman, but after contemplating it, he ultimately decides to stay.

Mike's decision reflects how Harvey's guidance and support have been pivotal not just for his professional development, but also for fostering an environment where talents choose to stay and grow.

mentorship Mike Ross & Harvey

3. Setting Personal Differences Aside ⚔️

Harvey and Louis must collaborate on a critical case for the firm, requiring both Louis's legal knowledge and Harvey's negotiation skills.

The complexity of the case forces them to set aside their differences and work efficiently to achieve a favorable outcome.

Jessica Pearson highlights the importance of acknowledging others' work. Louis has been promoted, but feels disrespected by Harvey due to a lack of recognition.

Jessica steps in to break this cycle and ensure Louis feels valued and understood within the firm.

5. Adaptability is a Critical Skill for a Lawyer 🌏

With Mike's imprisonment, Pearson Specter Litt faces its biggest reputational crisis yet, struggling to retain clients and lawyers.

Harvey steps up his role as a strategist, seeking new ways to attract and retain clients. Jessica, focusing on the long-term vision, negotiates alliances and protects the brand. Louis concentrates on maintaining staff morale.

This episode teaches us the importance of being willing to take on new responsibilities and evolve in the face of adversity.

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